13 Ways To Revive Your Email Marketing In 2017

Posted On 22 Mar, 2017 by Vishal V

Email has been around for a very long time and despite all the blogs, Whatsapps, and Facebook’s of the world, they are and will remain relevant. While emails have evolved with time in terms of capacity and functions, email marketing has remained stuck in a time warp and needs a makeover for most of the organizations.

The below 13 ways would help you revive your email marketing:

1. Don’t Spam: This has to be the rule #1 of email marketing. Don’t flood the inboxes of those who don’t want your mails. You would earn respect and loyalty instead of a bad reputation.

2. Have a purpose: Emails should be sent out with a purpose in mind e.g. a call for action, a form to fill, a feedback request etc. Don’t push the send button if you cannot define a purpose for the mail.

3. Personalize: The one size fits all days are long gone. Please try to be a bit more personal than “Dear Customer”

4. Be someone: Few things are as big a turn off as a mail from “no reply” mail account. Better be a real sender.

5. Try different days: Some customers respond best on weekends, some on Tuesdays. Find out what your customers prefer.

6. Don’t buy email lists: You cannot buy your way into your customers’ inboxes, hearts and pockets. You have to work for it. You want email lists? Create one by getting subscribers.

7. Kill Grey mails: Grey mail means the mails sent to dormant subscribers who don’t even open it. Cut back on them immediately.

8. Don’t worry about unsubscribing: Are people unsubscribing? As long as it is not a big percentage, you should not worry about it too much. This would cut back on your grey mails and clearly define your customer base.

9. Track the open rate: If a large percentage of receivers are not opening your mails, this is something wrong. Find out why and then work on it.

10. No spamming, please: Being marked as a spam is a crime in email marketing. Stop sending mails till the time you find out what on earth is going on.

11. Take email marketing courses: There are many email marketing courses and many of them are free. Try them.

12. Subject line is the first impression: Be particular about the subject line. Getting it right greatly enhances your chances of making impact.

13. It’s hard but worth it: While email marketing might be hard and old fashioned, it is going to be around in the foreseeable future. And as always, will be worth the effort.

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