Digital Now Commands 60% of Total Marketing Budget

Posted On 15 Dec, 2016 by Vishal V

One common question among businesses as they prepare their budgets is, ‘How much money should we allocate to digital marketing?’

My answer: Nothing less than 60% of your marketing budget

Businesses cannot ignore that digital marketing in India will dominate in 2017 as more companies invest more money online, and rightfully so.

Digital platform have several pros:
Digital Marketing is Personal

Digital marketing brings businesses closer to their audiences; potential clients can experience product launches, company events and other happenings in the businesses from their screens. In reverse, they can place orders and give feedback through likes, shares and comments, allowing businesses to assess their impact on consumers directly.

Access to Multiple Platforms

Investing more of your marketing kitty on digital marketing will help you take advantage of all available platforms and push multiple campaigns at a go. I would suggest employing the services of a digital marketing agency to help you navigate and utilize the various platforms available.

Knowledge of Customers

Today, consumers are looking to engage with businesses that share their principles. For example, a cosmetic company that is vocal on environmental issues is likely to have an edge over its competitors. Digital marketing allows you to get such personal consumer insights, which in return informs your campaigns. The forthright nature of the internet allows you access to information that would traditionally take too much of your time and resources.


Digital marketing changes regularly forcing you re-allocate funds as and when necessary. The internet’s flexibility gives you an edge as you can keep up with trends and take advantage of viral moments to advance your brand message, while staying within your budget.

The investment you make in digital marketing will define your business’s success in 2017; do not shy away from spending.