Why SMBs should spend more of their budget on online marketing in 2017

Posted On 09 Dec, 2016 by Vishal V

Numbers do not lie; eighty seven percent of marketers attest to getting better returns through online marketing compared to traditional marketing in 2016. In 2017, digital marketing will be at the forefront of a majority of businesses across the world. Your business should take advantage of the affordability and accessibility of online marketing to elevate your business to the next level.

Online marketing has several advantages:

1.Online Marketing is Cohesive
Online marketing is more than selling; the process involves brand building allowing consumers to interact with your products and services on a more personal level. The multi-platform nature of online marketing gives you access to multiple mediums that help you access consumers across all demographics.

2.It is Personal
Online marketing gives you access to customers that traditional marketing may not reach; for example, you can send your brand messages directly to the consumer’s mobile. By utilizing technology, you can track your consumer’s preferences, purchasing habits and optimize your brand campaigns to cater to these needs.

3.Data and Facts
The internet offers real time, location-based data to help you assess the impact of your online campaign and adjust it accordingly. Proper utilization of metrics available to your brand will elevate your campaign, improving customer engagement and return on investment.

4.Return on Investment
Online avenues offer more value for money than traditional mediums. They also offer flexibility allowing you to run multiple campaigns at a go and reach out to multiple audiences. Additionally, the viral nature of the internet allows your consumers to share your message with their contacts, giving you access to a larger audience.
Re-evaluate your 2017 budget and strategy to ensure you allocate enough resources to online marketing. Consider the services of a digital marketing agency to maximize on the opportunities available online.