If Your Content Marketing is for Everybody, Its for Nobody

Posted On 06 Sep, 2018 by Vishal V

Content is a very important tool of Digital Marketing, which is used to impart knowledge to people regarding a certain topic in the digital space to the desired target audience. Determining the target audience is an essential part of content marketing,because if we do not have a clearly defined target audience the message being conveyed to the masses is of no use as most of them would not be interested in the message conveyed.Therefore,it is necessary that we cater to the target audience suitable for the particular campaign and solve their queries and concerns.

For Instance,While marketing a product we need to take into consideration the following:

Who: Who is the audience for whom we are targeting the product

Why: Why do we need to market the product

Strategy: Why do the readers need this information? Is it better then the information do they already have.

Competition: Does our strategy help us in leading the brand and make us better then our competitors.

It is therefore important to create our content on the basis of the following factors for the success of the brand and answer the following questions while creating a strategy for our brand as these are the four golden rules to run a successful campaign.

Brands like Nykaa and Purple which are ecommerce websites targets girls within the age group of 18-35 years as well as fashion Bloggers . So,while creating a campaign for such Brands we need to take into consideration the need and expectation of target audience and derive content on the basis of our target market.

Therefore,Content Marketing is a very important part of a digital campaign and it is necessary that we create content which fulfils our target audience need and expectation to determine its success.