SEO Advice For Small Business Owners

Posted On 16 May, 2018 by Vishal V

Few things in today’s world make more sense for a small business than to focus on a good SEO strategy. It is goal-oriented, cost effective, and can make a real difference to the bottom line. But it is not easy to score when there are literally millions of sites competing for the precious eyeballs, including the big boys with deep pockets who can buy their place on search engines.

The key for small businesses is to know their way around SEO. The below tips should help:

Be Fast and Furious: Google has expressed its concern about the speed of the sites, in simple English this means that pretty soon algorithms would punish the slow sites. Whatever you do, ensure that you page loads with lightening speed.

Mobile First: Nowadays most people do their shopping lying in bed using their mobile phones. With the number of smartphone users far exceeding PC users, it only makes sense for Google and the business to ensure that the mobile users get a good experience. Use  Google’s Mobile Friendly tool to know where you stand and if you don’t score well, do yourself a favor, make it mobile friendly.

 Stay Secure: Ever heard of SSL Secured site? It would help greatly if your site is one. Google is going to penalize the sites that do not have SSL security. In most of the cases, it only takes a plugin to make the site secure and won’t cost much. It would get you Google’s blessings and clients’ confidence. You get the maximum bang for your buck here.

Get Organized: A page for everything and everything on its page, is the new Google mantra. Google has started to penalize the sites that do not have a well-defined hierarchy for location pages. It is preferable to have a unique page for each location and that the location pages have content carrying the business details.

It is a big bad world out there with much bigger fishes, but good news is that the small businesses can compete effectively by using SEO knowledge to their advantage. Happy hunting.