Which is better Indiamart or Digital Marketing for your Business?

Posted On 23 Jan, 2020 by Vishal V

We’ve entered 2020, but companies still market as they’re in 1990’s. Indiamart was a great option for companies back in 1990 when there was no presence of digital online marketing. Companies had to solely depend on directories like Indiamart, Tradeindia etc. But today things have changed and with the advancement in technology users behaviour has also changed.

Today a user educates researches about a product\service and only when he is satisfied he considers to purchase. If a business has a short term goal then it’s sensible to invest in Indiamart and go for their basic paid plan which is around 30K annually.

However a point to be noted here’s IndiaMart shares 1 lead with atleast 10-15 account holders, so the likelihood of conversion is very less here and if conversion occurs you’ll have to negotiate a lot because of cost comparison with competitors. By getting listed in Indiamart you’re not creating your very own brand, you’re like just another business.

For instance How many individuals have you seen negotiating while buying Iphone? , Not many and the reason is IPhone is a Brand and people feel proud while using it.

Digital Marketing will help you create your own brand and sale your service/product like a boss.

Digital Online Marketing as a branding strategy is the most efficient way to improve your brand image and help people recognize your brand. Your branding initiatives determine how people perceive you as an organization. With the internet providing many opportunities to connect with individuals, you get better capability to brand your company the way you want. Digital online marketing is about branding throughout the internet. Your presence online is vital to increase consciousness around your brand. It’s through digital advertisements that individuals make buying decisions.

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